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The Missing Colour

Illustrated by Yvonne Mes

Could you imagine a colour that's never been discovered?

Young readers will love searching for the missing colour in this 'philosophy for kids' tale.

This is my debut picture book.

The Invisible Dad

Out now!

Zane needs his dad. His little sister is having nightmares, his best friend turns invisible and a wolf-pack leader has given him an ultimatum - find your father before midnight or the pack eats your family. So why is his dad missing in action?

Part of the 'My Zombie Dog' series, this chapter book is an easy, humorous read for young horror lovers.

Coming soon

Splashes of Love

Happy Endings

Maya is an anxious introvert writing romance stories about happily ever after. Cormac is a workaholic divorce lawyer who doesn't believe in true love. Each sets out to prove the other wrong. Will Cormac open to the possibility of love, or will Maya give up on her dream?

My story is just one of the meet-cute rom-coms in this Anthology by Australian authors.

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About Charmaine

Charmaine Clancy is an Australian author and educator.

Her works include novels for kids and teens, although sometimes she writes short stories for grown-ups. She’s even won awards for some of her stories.

Charmaine is passionate about helping students who have struggled with literacy and inspires them to create their own stories they can be proud of. As well as teaching at high school, Charmaine presents holiday writing workshops for children of all ages and hosts the annual Rainforest Writing Retreat for grown-up writers.

All her books are written with humour and dogs. Life is better with both.

Praise for 'My Zombie Dog'

The perfect gift for a boy turning 14, a book called My Zombie Dog by Charmaine Clancy, especially if he’s already got a pet that he can curl up with and read this great story too.

YR Reads

A super-fun, light-hearted zombie tale for middle grade readers. Plot tied up nicely and characters are likeable. Boys in my year 7 classes have enjoyed this one.

A. Laurens

My Zombie Dog is a funny and quirky tale of a boy, his little sister and a very unusual dog. There is a mystery to be solved and the twist in the tail of the story was fabulous. Clancy's work is fresh and exciting.

Cherri Ryan

Classroom Resources

Crafting Characters

This print-and-go resource provides 1.5 hours of educational fun as students explore how characters feel about Kev by using evidence from the text of My Zombie Dog. The first one is done for you!

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Can't Scare Me

PLUS! Charmaine shares tips for writing with kids, answers readers and listeners questions, includes exclusive education resources and event news.

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